About Our Digital Marketing Firm 

Northern Michigan Digital focuses on projects for both big and small businesses throughout Michigan. Our digital marketing firm provides professional services that are backed up with the reputation of 9&10 News and Fox32. Our station group has proven results and has been helping local businesses for over 40 years.

Northern Michigan Digital is our new division for online marketing, so we’re better positioned to coordinate the newest advertising services for our local clients. If you are looking to grow your business and improve your online presence, then we can help you succeed in the digital world! 

Our team is made up of experts who are skilled in every aspect of the digital marketing industry. We work closely with one another to make sure that each project is completed on time and exceeds quality standards.

Local Digital Media Advertising Services

The idea for Northern Michigan Digital began when our existing television and media advertising clients began to see the benefits of search engine marketing, social media services, and responsive web design for tablet and smartphone users. In many cases, that realization begins when you see your competitors’ websites ranking ahead of yours in Google and the other major search engines. That problem not only stifles growth for many companies, it also results in your most loyal customers going elsewhere. 

We listened to those concerns before recruiting talented, experience individuals who have a track-record for customizing successful digital marketing campaigns.

As your local digital marketing firm, we can provide these technology-driven resources:

  1. Web Development Services (learn more)
  2. Internet Marketing Campaigns (learn more)
  3. Television & Traditional Marketing (learn more)
  4. Advertising Consulting & Analysis (learn more) 

Brand & Non-Branded Advertising Strategies

With today’s competitive landscape and technological innovations, local consumers have more choices than they realize – all just a click or tap away. Based on our research, the best way for many businesses to gain those new customers is to speak to how your products and services satisfy common needs. Knowing that, our digital marketing firm focuses on advertising campaigns that incorporate key phrases that alleviate those concerns – all while promoting your brand by using your company’s voice.

Contact Northern Michigan Digital

From web design and search engine marketing to helping our clients with media purchasing, our digital advertising consultants are well-versed in allocating our clients resources towards their best opportunities. Because your business goals are unique, and the results of each digital marketing campaign varies – schedule a no-cost review with our team so we can learn more about you!