Television Advertising & Media Solutions

Complete with rolling golf courses, resort ski slopes, and award-winning culinary destinations – our community offers year-round experiences for visitors and residents. Educating, informing, and entertaining – television remains a channel for learning about life in our region. Partnering with Northern Michigan Digital, 9&10 News and Fox 32 boast a loyal viewership that spans over 26 counties in the ‘Great Lakes State’ – giving you the resources to reach your ideal audience.

Companies and non-profits of nearly all sizes utilize the dynamic medium of TV. Television advertising, when paired with engaging visuals and sounds, continues to be a ‘cornerstone’ media solution – especially using latest advancements in digital media advertising. That combination of cross-channel marketing is what our clients have had the most success with over our decades helping Northern Michigan businesses.

Multi-Channel Marketing in Northern Michigan

While Northern Michigan Digital’s consultants specialize in online marketing solutions, we also recognize the power of television advertising. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with all of our departments to tailor multi-channel approaches to reaching your audience, whether they are online at home, mobile, or tuning-in.

The versatility and breadth of our viewership makes television the ideal platform for building awareness, even for established organizations. Through our 60 years in broadcast media, our clients have utilized television advertising in Michigan to reach many of their diverse goals. Whether it’s introducing your business, promoting sales, or positioning yourself as an industry authority on a topic – the applications are nearly limitless. That makes sense, especially when you consider how research shows that nearly every demographic experiences the power of television at some point during their day. Now is the time to connect with your potential customers who’re in the early stages of your buying cycle.

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Grow your business. Enhance your brand message so your products and services compete on a level playing field. Present information to residents who need solutions to problems that keep them awake. With the power of television and digital marketing, the value of your company can be communicated to residents and visitors who would benefit the most.

To learn how our online marketing firm can leverage our broadcast television resources towards your new opportunities, contact our local team today!