About Digital Media Advertising in Northern Michigan

As the digital marketing firm under 9&10 News, Northern Michigan Digital has a unique advantage by being affiliated with our state’s most recognized and trusted brand.

Because of that reputation, 9and10news.com receives nearly 8 million monthly page views by local residents, and seasonal travelers, who may not know about your business. On average, those visitors spend over 7 minutes learning about important events, weather reports, and lifestyle information. That level of popularity has made our website a resource for business-owners who’re seeking digital media advertising in Northern Michigan!

Compelling Rich Media & Creative Services

Being visible isn’t enough in today’s competitive landscape. Your company’s success requires compelling content that gets visitors to stop and take notice.

By leveraging our in-house graphic designers and creative professionals towards your digital media ads, Northern Michigan Digital connects you to new prospects in meaningful ways. From mirroring your branded logos and materials, to creating stimulating calls-to-action, we adhere to best practices that drive results.

Your Message, Your Target Audience

During the years, here are just a few of the reasons why successful businesses have chosen digital media advertising with us:

  1. Reach - 50% of the television market share is held by 9&10 News and Fox 32, creating a robust channel for advertising your website on-air
  2. Demographics - 77% of our audience is adults over the age of 21, providing you with prospective consumers who’re still deciding which companies to become loyal to
  3. Diversity - Our website audience is 51% female, 49% male, many of whole are making purchases for their families
  4. Household Income - Evenly split between males and female, our audience has an annual household income of over $60,000, providing you with prospects who have disposable incomes

Contact Our Digital Media Services Division

Our online reach continues to grow. In the last year, the combined homepage views on our website increased 169%, while overall page views grew 42%. Pair those statistics with the fact that tablet, smartphone, and search engine use is more popular than ever – and it’s easy to see why digital media advertising in Michigan is one of the preferred marketing channels.

To learn more about how our online marketing services in Traverse City will benefit your company, contact Northern Michigan Digital today!