About Responsive Web Development

During the last decade – advances in responsive website design, mobile devices, and how search engines rank pages has increased the importance of promoting your digital presence with the newest practices. While the website platform you’re using will determine the appropriate environment for your responsive website redesign, here are a couple out-dated techniques that were once popular for creating mobile content online:

    1. Application (App) Websites – While engaging for users, website apps can leave desktop users alienated by serving old content that isn’t automatically updated on your website when you change app content

    2. M-Dot (www.m.yoursite.com) Websites - Similar to aforementioned app websites, content is formatted specifically for mobile devices. The problem is that desktop users may stumble onto your M-Dot site through social media links that point to your www.m.-version. This could present a poor user experience and cause your prospects to leave prematurely

The major problem with both approaches is that the search engines can see each property as a separate competitor to your desktop website. This creates obstacles when building keyword relevance for your on-page content, as Google and other search engines prefer to see your desktop and mobile presence living on the same address. (also known as a 'URL')

At Northern Michigan Digital, we consider those best practices when coordinating responsive website redesigns for our clients!

Why Responsive Redesign Services?

While it’s important that new visitors take action on your website, it’s also critical that they are able to find you in the first place! Through Northern Michigan Digital’s responsive design services, we make sure that the search engine relevance your desktop website has accumulated is preserved. This helps your chances of ranking well for qualified keywords that potential customers are researching during their decision-making process.

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Whether you’re attracting seasonal visitors, local customers during winter months, or developing an Ecommerce platform – your goals should mirror your website’s functionality. At Northern Michigan Digital, we take the time to learn about those goals. That conversation helps us become an extension of your marketing department, helping to maximize the benefits of your redesigning your website for smartphone and tablets.

To learn more about our portfolio of redesign work, our current clients in your area, as well as our approach to web development service in Northern Michigan – contact us today!