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Whether you’re a business-owners or helping expand the presence of a not-for-profit in your community, you need to know whether your ad campaign is attracting the right people. In addition to that doubt, how is your digital marketing firm supporting your efforts? At Northern Michigan Digital, we’ve heard those concerns from business-owners throughout the years. From having your requests ignored to the pit-of-your-stomach feeling that you’re not seeing a return on your investment – there can be uneasy feelings when it comes to digital media advertising. That’s why it’s our mission is to be the digital marketing firm that’s open to hearing about your worries, as well as how we can improve your business through our web-design, social media, and search engine marketing services.

Redefining ‘Advertising’ in Northern Michigan

By refining our local approach to helping companies like yours, the online marketing specialists at Northern Michigan Digital are well-versed relieving the blind-spots in your advertising efforts. We’ve sat-down with numerous organizations in your area so we’ve versed in how the newest marketing initiatives can be leverage on the local, and regional, levels.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

The DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform is an integrated ad-technology that enables agencies and advertisers to more effectively create, manage, and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns. DDM integrates the latest world-class solutions to help advertisers run campaigns across multiple channels.

We will place your business in front of large targeted audiences who are interested in buying your products or services. Your business will be shown throughout a network of search engines and websites that meet your specific requirements. This is to insure that the right eyes see your advertisement and that your ROI reaches its maximum potential. Sales conversions can be tracked through the Google Analytics platform which provides insights and raw data for every visitor that navigates your website. This is the best way to monitor referrals, traffic sources, and sales. Unlike today’s physical billboards and print media, digital marketing allows business owners to actually see how each advertising dollar is being spent so that better business decisions can be made.

Google Analytics Guidance & Website Tracking

If you’re like most business-owners who benefited from our approach to digital media advertising, you’ve probably noticed your competition ranking above you in search engines. That’s normal, as you’ll never naturally rank #1 for ever industry-leading term. At Northern Michigan Digital, we take to time to explain the fundamentals of search engine marketing and set-up analytics reporting for the keywords that matter most to you.

There are certain key phrases and search queries that lead to website users taking action in your industry. That’s our focus, customizing your digital marketing solution to include compelling content for your targeting audience and speaking directly to their unique needs.

After researching keywords and determining what media platforms resonate with your clients, we’ll can also help implement analytics software on your website. We begin measuring the key performance indicators and successes on your website for several reasons:

  • To highlight the return on your digital media investment
  • To determine what prospects are services are most important to your customers now, while uncovering new opportunities for growthgoogle-283x300
  •  To learn what portions of your website are performing and what pages need optimization for search engines

Google Analytics tracking also provides clarity in-terms of how the following digital marketing strategies are connecting you’re your prospects:

Armed with that information, our digital marketing specialists in Michigan are able to attribute what’s working when it comes to your marketing efforts!

Monthly Reporting & Digital Campaign Management

With the wealth of information that websites generate, it’s no wonder that many marketing departments and business-owners feel overwhelmed. With plenty of day-to-day activities, like managing employees, on your plate – distilling that data into actionable strategies takes time. At Northern Michigan Digital, our media advertising consultation can help unlock the hours you need for those more pressing matters that require your undivided attention.

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Develop a new website that connects with mobile, tablet, and desktop users. Implement marketing solutions that speak to online audiences. Track successes and hear about advertising campaigns that we’ve coordinated in the past. At Northern Michigan Digital, we’ll take the take to guide you along the road we’ve seen other organizations take towards expanding their industry presence.

Partner with our years of digital marketing expertise. First, schedule a personalized consultation and have our digital marketing specialists in Northern Michigan appraise how we’ll help you!