Email Marketing Services in Northern Michigan

email-290x3002As your potential customers gain 24-hour access to email through tablets, mobile devices, and apps - leveraging those resources with the newest strategies quickly connects you with your loyal customers. Through the years, one of the areas we’ve seen local businesses fail is when it comes to selecting the correct email marketing services. That’s unfortunate – mainly because you and your marketing department have taken the time to amass those email addresses, only to fall short when it comes to using that information. That’s an obstacle that Northern Michigan Digital can help you overcome.

As a local and regional leader when it comes to digital marketing, our online advertising specialists are familiar with the latest tools in email distribution. While you’re collecting client emails, your customers also place trust in you by divulging their information. They also expect to hear about upcoming announcements and solutions to their unique needs – which you can offer.

Crafting Your Email Advertising Campaign

The secret to a successful email advertising campaign is developing compelling content, at the right time, that entices recipients to take action once they reach your website. During each step of that process, our online advertising professionals can guide you – as we’ve done for many companies regionally.

Here are some of the areas we’ve help clients with when they look to Northern Michigan Digital for engaging their readership:

  • Leverage MailChimp and other email tools to coordinate campaigns at the times when users are online
  • Provide training for your staff, so they are equipped to develop marketing initiatives that adhere to best emailing practices and spam laws
  • Create targeted landing pages on your website that speak directly to the solutions your customers need to solve immediately

Tracking Email Giveaways, Contests & More

As digital marketing continues to advance ahead of print and other ‘faith-based’ media platforms, the advantage of online advertising lies in tracking your successes. Through Google Analytics, and other software packages, the professionals at Northern Michigan Digital help local businesses determine what types of email marketing campaigns work best and how seasonality can impact your results.

Because our reputation is attached to your results and the quality content you’re distributing, we make sure to sit-down with you to discuss what resonates with your target audience. This way, we’re using your email resources in an appropriate manner – without alienating customers who’ve progressed further along the conversion funnel of your business.

Customized Campaigns for Specific Customers

Like the businesses that our digital marketing specialists help each day, each of your customers are unique. Each person you help has different concerns, so we tailor our email marketing services to address those areas. Whether you’re introducing a new innovation, promoting a sale, or educating your customer-base on industry news – Northern Michigan Digital has the expertise to customize your email efforts for each situation and objective.

To learn more about how our creative advertising professionals and digital specialists can develop, implement, and track our email marketing services – contact us today for a no-cost consultation!