Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services

While auctions have been around for hundreds of years, your potential customers may not realize that they’re witnessing one each time they use a search engine. Luckily, there isn’t an annoying auctioneer on Google talking too fast! Over the last decade, business-owners and non-profit organizations began suggesting ways to purchase rankings in Google, Bing, and the other major search engines – and search engines listened. This service named, ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC) marketing, quickly became one way for marketing departments to increase their digital presence by bidding on popular keywords. While your website can still ‘naturally’ rank well in search engines, based on keyword implementation and your website’s infrastructure, PPC advertising is a quick, affordable way to rank and drive traffic to your way.

ppc1-300x251How PPC Advertising Works for You

At its core – pay-per-click marketing involves bidding for search engine positioning on key terms that describe your products and services. Each time a user click on your listening in Google or Bing, you’re charged for the amount that you bid. The real advantage with this approach is that by bidding on specific, actionable keywords – you’re capturing traffic from users who’re typically ready to make a purchase or take action. It’s also vital that your website’s content matches what your prospects customers searched for, as they have expectations to find accurate solutions from you. That’s why it’s important to partner with a digital marketing firm that understands responsive web design principles and content marketing strategies that satisfy the unique problems that your customers are looking to solve.

Northern Michigan Digital’s Marketing Consultants

Northern Michigan Digital’s specialists work each day to ensure that our clients understand the benefits of PPC marketing, as well as how to measure these, and other important, performance indicators:

  • How many visitors to your website came from pay-per-click-services, and other channels
  • Which webpages they landed-on upon their arrival
  • What search engine keyword attracted each user to your website

Along with the aforementioned measurables, there are many other statistics that our PPC marketing specialists in Northern Michigan track via Google Analytics. This analytics package uncovers exactly how each digital marketing channel is contributing towards your company’s bottom-line. Armed with that information, you’ll be able to quantify exactly how you compare with your competition – while also making more informed business decisions when it comes to your digital marketing strategies.

You’re Digital Marketing Partner in Northern Michigan

Each pay-per-click campaign with Northern Michigan Digital begins with a comprehensive review of which keywords are most important to your organization. Using those terms as a starting-point, we then research users’ behavior to determine what terms drive purchases and revenue. This helps uncover additional keywords and that are being over-looked by your competition, but are still important to customers in your industry.

For a review of how our PPC marketing services and digital specialists can move you towards your organization-wide goals, contact us today for a free consultation!