Responsive Website Design & Content

Nowadays, even ‘Mom & Pop’ businesses in Northern Michigan advertise online. Because customer loyalty is important for every company seeking growth, increasing your digital media advertising presence so it more visible than your competitors’ is more important than ever. That goal begins with a foundation. It begins with an investment in your marketing infrastructure. Today, that cornerstone is your website.

Northern Michigan’s Digital Marketing Leaders

Northern Michigan Digital’s solutions can include responsive website design for your local business – customized specifically for the communities that we call ‘home.’ So what’s the significance of the term ‘responsive’ web design? It refers to the latest coding techniques for pushing your website beyond static pages that are not formatted for all devices. This means that your webpages recognize when a smart phone, tablet, or computer user is visiting your website. It then tailors content to fit each platform.

Improved Chances of Higher Search Engine Rankings

A secondary benefit of responsive web design is that the search engines know its value. For example, when potential customers search for your company through Google on a mobile device, having your website custom made by Northern Michigan Digital’s media services will increase the chances of it ranking ahead of your competitors. While you’re creating an optimal viewing experience for users, you’re also increasing the visibility of your products and services in popular online space.

While one of the common ways to incorporate responsive design in your website is the WordPress platform, there are many ways to make this improvement. Depending on the content management system that you’re using to make changes on your website, enhancing your online presence may include these improvements:

    • Utilize coding techniques so that content is uniform and reflecting your brandresponsive3-300x283
    • Resize images, so that they’re aligned correctly for tablet and smart phone users
    • Use Javascript to create dynamic content for mobile users

Locally-Focused, Digital Media Services

Depending on your website’s current platform, there may be challenges in making the transition to a responsive website for mobile and tablet users. That’s why it’s important to sit-down with Northern Michigan Digital’s experienced to team to discuss a realistic timeline and how you’ll benefit from our expertise. By having our digital media consultants appraise your website, we’ll provide a clear picture of your webpages’ improved look – along with the many benefits you’ll see in user feedback, as well as within search engines. This provides you and your marketing department chance to review our portfolio of clients and ask any questions you have regarding our caliber of work.

After coding each individual page on your website so it’s easier to navigate and more search engine-friendly, the online marketing professionals at Northern Michigan Digital can install Google Analytics and monthly reporting. This way, you’ll begin to see the benefits and improved user engagement that we’ve seen through the years with our responsive website designs.

Contact our digital media services department, schedule a free review today, and learn how our digital media services can help you accomplish your business goals!