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Northern Michigan’s Digital ‘Focus Group’

By putting the power of Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms in the hands of consumers, social media applications are now the next generation of focus-groups. Instead providing their feedback in stuffy rooms with uncomfortable chairs, your customers are voicing their opinions from their smart-phones, laptops, and computers. That real-time feedback from your brand loyalists is the unique perspective you need for discovering new product ideas and developing innovative services for your target audience.

Where ‘Social Media Agency’ & ‘Partnership’ Intersect

Northern Michigan Digital has developed social media services that leverage proven marketing strategies for engaging your audience and then eliciting insightful responses. Those are clearly lofty expectations. As Northern Michigan’s social media agency for businesses and non-profits alike, we can help you accomplish a wide-range of goals. From increasing brand awareness, to beginning a conversation that leads to untapped markets, our social media services begin first by finding-out exactly what you want to do.

Even in digital marketing, there needs to be a human touch. That’s why our social media strategists sit-down with you to learn how you talk to customers and the position your brand. Only then can we develop the best course of action for navigating the digital space together. After reviewing original content samples and campaign ideas, we work with our clients to make sure that each posting is authentic, concise, and relevant to the demographics who will benefit the most from your message.

Tracking Social Media Campaign Successes

Online marketing’s advantage over newspaper advertising is in actually knowing what’s working for you, and sometimes as importantly - what’s not. At Northern Michigan Digital, we’re a social media agency who is sensitive to the fact that you need to see results. That’s why our digital marketing services can include guidance on how increased engagement in Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms lead to enhanced website traffic or other key performance indicators. Since we also offer search engine optimization specialists in Northern Michigan, we’re aware of how to utilize your brand’s equity on social properties into enhanced rankings for searchable keywords.

Contact Northern Michigan’s Digital Specialists

You expect candid feedback from your customers about what they want, so we’d naturally like to hear about your business goals. Contact us today to learn about Northern Michigan Digital social media services and the following digital media services:

Whether you’re too busy to handle the inquiries on your Facebook page, trying to expand your brand through Twitter, or simply looking for consultation as to whether social media services make sense for your marketing situation – Northern Michigan Digital is here to help!